Getting Sound Advice

Getting Sound Advice

  • Getting A DWI Taken Off Of Your Record

    Having a pristine driving and criminal record can help you in a lot of situations. Many careers that involve driving will require you to have a clean driving record with no violations for a certain number of years prior to applying for the job. Most jobs will do a background check before offering you a position. Most jobs will hire applicants that have no criminal history. If you have a DWI on your record from some time ago, you may find that this is holding you back from jobs and other interests.

  • Why Foreigners In The U.S. Should Be Extra Careful With Criminal Charges

    As a foreigner facing criminal charges in the U.S., you have more to lose compared to a criminal suspect who is a citizen of the country. This means you can't afford any misstep in your legal defense. Here are a few examples of complications you may face as a result of your foreigner status: You May Be Barred From Leaving the Country As a criminal suspect, you may be barred from leaving the country until your case is resolved.

  • 4 Things to Do if a Family Member Is Arrested on Drug Charges

    No one wants a family member getting arrested on drug charges, but it is a reality that happens too often. Sometimes people are falsely accused of this criminal act. Authorities may try to persuade the family members of accused individuals to testify against them. The following are a few things you should do if your loved one is accused. Determine if they have a bond and if they are dependable. Some people who get drug charges are able to get temporary releases on bond.

  • Two DUI Defense Options To Consider

    Many people believe that there are very few options for defending against a charge of driving under the influence, particularly if there's a breath test or a field sobriety test conducted at the scene. However, there are some options available for you to defend yourself and potentially have these charges dismissed. With the help of a DUI defense attorney, here are two things you should consider. Acknowledge Poor Driving If you refused the breath test and blood test, there's no medical documentation of your blood alcohol content to prove that you were intoxicated.

  • Where To Find Expert Witnesses

    If you were charged with a crime, and you are going through the process of fighting the charges in court, one way to prove your innocence is through the use of an expert witnesses. An expert witness is someone who has expertise in a subject related to the crime that you supposrfly committed and who's experience in a particular field can help shed light on your innocence. An expert witness is not someone who witnessed the crime or had anything to do with said crime; their testimony is used to establish background and context for the charges that you face.

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